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enolcon - Technical Know How on highest level

Our services cover the most challenging part of technical demanding projects during realisation/implementation. Basic Engineering includes the Heart-Know-How of each complex plant. Part of it are mass- and energy balances, definition of frame parameters (pressure, temperatures, sizes, capacities, selection of material etc.) as well as clear understandable descriptions of the main frame conditions for an optimised operation. enolcon - technical Know How on highest level

You have already a process or method which is functional on a pilot graduation and want to put it on a commercial scale? Therefore you need a partner with a broaden horizon and who has founded knowledge about costs/prices and be able to evaluate the market precisely?

== > enolcon gmbh is the right partner to take over these tasks.

enolcon – turning ideas into applicable technologies


We support you in the development of your own technology, of course in the frame of highest confidentiality. You have a genious Core idea, but you don't know if it is realisable and if yes what need to be done ? Or your organisation is not allowing a structured development of your idea and you need support ?

==> Then enolcon is the right partner for you.

You have already a process which is successfully in operation/functioning in pilot scale and now you would like to upscale it to a commercial size ? For such step you need a partner who has a braod horizon and who understands a lot about chemical thermal processes ? Such partner should have experience as well in the construction of such plants ?
At the same time he should understand commercial challenges and should be able to understand precisely markets and prices/costs ?

==> as well for such tasks enolcon is the perfect partner for you.

enolcon - transforming ideas to applicable technologies